If you are interested in launching a private-label nutritious dried meat we can help You accomplish this easily. We can be a one-stop shop to help you bring your concept from an idea to the shelf and all the steps in between. More than 10 successful companies have already chosen us to produce a superior tasting Jerky for them. Be the next one and contact us. The main reasons, why to choose our company:

Our meat snack is premium range, made of all-natural and high-quality ingredients, but yet we can offer a very competitive price, which will create a good business case for you. Experience, know-how, specialization, location of our factory and right partners allow us to offer you the best quality products at a reasonable price.

For more than 10 years our company has been crafting meat products. A 100% natural, healthy, artisan dried meat is our focus. While other producers add flavor enhancers, chemical additives to make their product taste good, we do it in a different - absolutely natural way, and consider that as our exceptional market. Adding only carefully selected ingredients, we have developed a wide range of unique flavors. But we can always develop a recipe of your choice - just give us your idea and our experienced technologists will bring it to life.

What is more, we are quite flexible in the matter of volumes. Whether you need small quantities to try the product line in certain country's market, or You want 100'000 or more packages per month with your own private label - we can do it.

We have got partners to produce various types of packaging, display boxes, therefore we are able to provide you with professional assistance in adopting the right packaging and labeling according to your own brand. Or if you are a start-up and only have an idea to sell premium quality Jerky, even then we will do our best to help you to get on track.