Over 15 years we are crafting premium quality & 100 % natural meat snacks. Loving meat and using only the highest quality ingredients, we try to stay passionate and constantly create unusual and mouth melting tastes. We carefully select the products which we believe are the best for you and your daily life. Our key ingredients are passion, hard work and genuine dedication. We are creative people full of excitement and eager to elevate dried meat market to a higher level.


A premium quality meat is great by its own nature, so it does not require any chemical enhancers or artificial flavours to make it delicious. A small pinch of rock salt, black pepper and garlic is all it needs to unlock its wonderful flavour. When it’s done right the meat is the most powerful protein in the world, we do our best to produce meat snacks with the highest protein level which is your fuel for life. We carefully select tastes and ingredients, crafting all recipes on our own for you to enjoy your snack and find mouthful flavors of it.


The ancient food for hunters, warriors and explorers has kept its primary role being the perfect snack for today’s adventurers. The Meat Makers dried meat in its compact packs is convenient to carry and enjoy during your adventures. So when preparing your backpack for a trip, hiking, kayaking, skiing or any other outdoor activity, grab a few packs of the energizing gear to fuel your body during an active day.


If you are interested in launching a private-label nutritious dried meat, we can help You accomplish this easily. We can be a one-stop shop to help you bring your concept from an idea to the shelf and all the steps in between. Contact us directly if you have the idea and we will make sure it will happen. We believe that great minds think alike so that’s why more than 15 successful companies have been chosen us to work with. Let’s talk!